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Archive: July 2004

Marines target Unknown Distance Course July 30, 2004 — In order to sustain Marine Corps Common Skills training, the Marines from H&SBn. conducted an unknown distance shoot at Khe Sanh Range July 22. The battalion's mission to support recruit training alongside the possibility of individual augmentation to a unit in Iraq makes this kind of mission readiness training imperative. "You can't get enough MORE
Former Marine, Commodore finds home away from home July 30, 2004 — Once individuals make the decision to enlist in the military, they are uprooted from their hometown and sent off to a new, unfamiliar place where they will serve until their obligatory time of service has ended. Most of the time they will then head back to the place they call home. For some, that is not the case. The community that they once MORE
RTR meritoriously promotes 11 staff NCOs July 30, 2004 — Earning a living as a drill instructor, recruiter or Marine security guard can be tough, that is why the Marine Corps offers various incentive plans for those who choose those career paths. Incentives such as semi-annual meritorious promotions can leave some prospects salivating. For 11 drill instructors aboard the Depot, those incentive plans paid MORE
Depot discovers recipe for community dinner July 30, 2004 — There are hundreds of communities across the United States that come to depend on nearby military personnel to support various community activities, and Beaufort is no different. Parris Island is no stranger to helping out the community and, because of this, preparation of the 49th Annual Beaufort Water Festival's Lowcountry Supper went off without MORE
Former Marine, quadriplegic wants others to buckle up July 9, 2004 — Attaining the rank of sergeant in the Marine Corps is no easy task. It takes dedication and perseverance. For Gilbert Queen, a former Marine sergeant, it was a short-lived acheivment in a life that, since 1992, has been filled with insurmountable odds. Adapting and overcoming odds is what the Marine Corps is all about, and Queen is no stranger to MORE
PI Marine wrestles with Olympic dream July 9, 2004 — Each year, hundreds of young men and women from across the country enlist in the Marine Corps for any number of reasons. Some do it to serve their country, some do for the steady paycheck and some do it simply for the experience. But, there are a select few who sign the dotted line with aspirations of playing a sport in the Marine Corps. One of MORE
Depot warriors suit up for an underwater scuba diving adventure July 9, 2004 — Strap on an air tank, grab a pair of goggles and hop into the water. That is what some curious individuals did at the Depot's Combat Pool for the past couple of weeks. Several Depot Marines are students in a scuba diving course taught by Capt. Dev Spradlin, commanding officer of Instructional Training Company. He is a certified master scuba diving MORE
SDI breaks regimental drill record July 2, 2004 — Staff Sgt. Jermaine Ballenger, senior drill instructor for Platoon 1048, Charlie Co., 1st RTBn., marched onto the Peatross Parade Deck recently and scored an almost-perfect 99 on his Final Drill evaluation. The Final Drill evaluation scores both the platoon of recruits and the drill instructors on their performance. The score of 99 achieved by MORE
Retired major general awarded for service July 2, 2004 — Some men walk this earth without making a long lasting impact, while some men, because of their character, are never forgotten. The enduring effect that retired Maj. Gen. Arnold Fields has had on the Marine Corps is now but an echo that still rings strong, five months after his retirement. Major Gen. Fields retired in January, but he now MORE

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