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April, 2012

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Co. H swims through training week four April 30, 2012 — Heads surface for air through the blue viciously moving water as recruits attempt to make it through 25 meters of shallow water in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Swim Tank April 30. Company H began week four with Combat Water Survival. They must pass swim qualifications to move on to the next week of recruit training. “It’s not as common MORE
Recruits prepare to reach new heights April 23, 2012 — When recruits step on the yellow foot prints, they’re not sure of what challenges they’ll face. Recruit training requires them to overcome various mental and physical obstacles with fellow comrades. Week three aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Company H recruits took on low obstacles during the Confidence Course April 23. This course can MORE
Co. D passes inspection, prepares for 2nd phase April 20, 2012 — With one event on their mind a group of yelling drill instructors ran through Company D Platoons before one of their first big tests April 20 aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. “This is their first Marine Corps inspection,” said 1st Sgt. Lucas Harold, Co. D first sergeant, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, about the impending Senior Drill MORE
Brothers complete recruit training together April 13, 2012 — Many say the bonds of brotherhood are forged in recruit training, but two recruits of Platoon 1041, Company C, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, sought to strengthen what they already possessed. Christian Miervalle and Jesus Mier, took their first step together in expanding their family bonds and entered recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot MORE
Recruits D learns to carry injured April 11, 2012 — Recruits of Company D, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, attended their fourth combat care class during week three of recruit training aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego April 11. During Combat Care IV, recruits learn how to safely carry their injured comrades on the battlefield and how to make a stetcher with easily obtainable items. “It’s MORE
Company I recruits show determination on Confidence Course April 9, 2012 — Recruits of Company I, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, spent their morning “war crying” through the confidence course aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego April 9. The confidence course is a series of obstacles that recruits use teamwork and determination to complete. “I think it is used to instill confidence, teamwork and dedication,” said MORE
Co. F passes Battalion Commander's Inspection April 7, 2012 — Standing at attention with their Service “A” uniforms perfectly fitted and pressed, M-16 A4 service rifles aligned with their right dress shoes, recruits of Company F waited to be inspected by their company commander, Capt. Bryon Chen, April 7 aboard the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego parade deck. This was the recruits’ third inspection MORE
Members suspected of Spice use to be tested April 6, 2012 — The Department of the Navy has announced the availability of drug testing that is able to detect a variety of synthetic drugs which were previously untraceable. Throughout the military, an increasing number of service members have been using synthetic substances which produce a marijuana-like high, and were not previously detectable through routine MORE
Co. I recruits stomp MCMAP training April 6, 2012 — Instilling warrior ethos and preparing Marines for close-combat environments is what Marine Corps Martial Arts Program training is all about. Company I recruits received a small dose of warrior training April 6 aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. As the recruits of Co. I approach the final test to earn their MCMAP tan belts, they learned MORE
Pugil sticks five close-combat experience April 5, 2012 — Close-combat training is an important part of the 12 demanding weeks the recruits go through to become Marines. With the United States currently engaged in conflicts abroad, it’s crucial for Marines to learn the basics so they are prepared in the event they’re deployed in support of combat operations. Company E recruits completed their second MORE

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