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August, 2008

Del Mar honors military, wounded warriors August 22, 2008 — The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club honored Marines during an Aug. 4 race day. The club color guard, made of retirees Sgt. Maj. Steve Meyers, Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Jerry Guiles and Army Maj. Pete Brunhaver, opened the races with a unique colors ceremony.As the club bugler sounded the first note of the Marines’ Hymn, Meyers pulled a nylon string MORE
Recruit overcomes family struggles to become Marine August 22, 2008 — The rigors and swift change in lifestyle that comes with Marine Corps recruit training can often be a damper on a recruit’s motivation. There are some that are able to retain their motivation and drive during the highs and lows of recruit training. Pfc. Andrew W. Goodwin of Platoon 1069 was one such person. Before leaving for boot camp, Goodwin’s MORE
Preventing wildfires is impossible but we can prepare August 15, 2008 — Fire season seems to be year ‘round in California. In the fall, after a dry summer, fire season is at its peak. The plant community is nearly dried out from the lack of rain and the Santa Ana winds pick up momentum. We cannot always prevent wildfires because they are nature’s way of replenishing itself but we can lesson their impact. It only takes MORE
Wrestling coach represents Marines in 2008 Olympics August 15, 2008 — Since the start of the Olympic Games in 1896, U.S. service members have been competing side by side with some of the world’s finest athletes to take home the gold for their country. This year is no exception. At this years games, held in Beijing from Aug. 8 – 24, there will be 21 military athletes and coaches from the U.S. helping to bring back MORE
Memorial honors departed depot mascots August 8, 2008 — Just off Guadalcanal Ave. located behind the depot’s recruit chow hall, stands a marble monument dedicated to fallen Devil Dogs who gave their lives to the Corps not in combat, but in companionship.   The 7-foot-tall monument, located near Paige Field here, is surrounded by a hedge and honors the mascots of Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. The MORE
Russian emigrant finds home in America and the Corps August 8, 2008 — For most of his childhood while growing up in Russia, Pvt. Jason Dolan, 18, Platoon 2111, Company E, focused mainly on one thing – survival. “(My family) never had food around,” said Dolan. “We were always searching for food it seemed. My mindset was always on surviving and taking care of my family.”Born in Kaliningrad, Russia, a seaport between MORE
Recruits learn teamwork is the only way over an obstacle August 6, 2008 — Forty hours into the Crucible, recruits with Platoon 3209, Company I began feeling the effects of food and sleep deprivation. Their feet had already developed blisters from hiking several miles in combat gear across demanding terrain during the second day of the Crucible Aug. 6. As they continued down one trail, they were faced by the Edson Range, MORE
Texas Governor visits depot Marines, families August 1, 2008 — Texas Gov. Rick Perry made a special visit to the depot Aug. 1. On vacation in California, Perry wanted to tour the depot to witness recruit training highlights and visit with fellow Texans in uniform and their families, according to Capt. Darren S. Szerdy, depot protocol officer.“My visit was every bit of special as I thought it would be,” said MORE

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