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Training and Education Command

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Quantico, VA
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September, 2009

Earning that smokey bear: The Corps newest drill instructors September 18, 2009 — Sixty-five Marines earned the right to wear the distinctive campaign cover Wednesday, after enduring a 12-week course at the Drill Instructor School aboardParris Island.The course was filled with countless hours of drill, intense physical conditioning and stern reiteration of Marine Corps history andcore values.“When you graduate from here, you MORE
Emotional shrapnel: Veteran shares his experiencee with PTSD September 15, 2009 — The long-term stresses caused by combat can be traced to the pages of Homer’s Iliad, long before any form of mental issues were discovered.Thousands of years later, servicemembers are returning from combat with those same stresses. Fortunately, there is help.“It took me 30 years to be told, or at least admit, that I had Post Traumatic Stress MORE
Former assistant commandant visits Parris Island September 15, 2009 — General Robert Magnus, former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, spoke to nearly 150 Marines and sailors, Sept. 18, about global climate changes and its impact onnational security.Magnus, who retired in July 2008, now serves as a member of the Military Advisory Board for the Center for Naval Analysis, a nonprofit research organization that MORE
When nation was under attack, one Marine joined to fight back September 11, 2009 — When Sgt. Trey Bolmon awoke the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, he thought it was going to be a typical day filled with classes and homework.Little did the 19-year-old college student know, the tragic events that took place that somber day would completely change the course of his life.“I didn’t have to be in class until 11 a.m., and I remember waking MORE

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