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July, 2002

World commandants visit depot July 26, 2002 — General James L. Jones, Commandant of the Marine Corps, visited Parris Island, July 19, as part of the Inaugural Worldwide Commandants Conference along with Marine commandants and commanders of naval infantry from 32 foreign countries.  They came to the United States to tour U.S. Marine Corps installations and share ideas, form goals and forge new MORE
Sibling Marines share same blood, duties, goals on depot's drill field July 26, 2002 — Most brothers and sisters have shared many things throughout their lifetimes. They share their toys when they are children, their parent's car keys as young adults, and advice as they grow older. Not many brothers and sisters can say they have shared the Parris Island drill field, however. For Staff Sgt. Alonzo Baxter, senior drill instructor for MORE
DI School student takes comfort in standing out July 26, 2002 — The indoctrination of "doing more with less" has become as much a part of being a Marine as the term devil dog. For one sergeant undergoing training at Drill Instructor School, doing more with less has become a way of life. The 4-foot-8-inch Sgt. Tama Casilus left Marine Corps Security Forces Battalion, Norfolk, Va., and arrived on the depot to MORE
Legal officer attacks work, play with equal intensity July 26, 2002 — Since medieval times, taunting from one's peers can coerce individuals into undertaking colossal tasks that normally would not be attempted. From Shakespearian thumb-biting to the modern-day triple dog dare, no self-respecting individual - this usually applies to males - can say no to a challenge. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Anthony J. Hatchett, Depot MORE
Depot's Education Fair to showcase programs, schools July 19, 2002 — "Eventually, I'll be a psychologist." Gunnery Sgt. Larry D. Johns, a Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion. drill instructor, is sitting in a swivel chair in the Education Office with a big grin on his face. He's got a lot to smile about. He's about to get paid to go to school. Johns started with only a minimum of college credits when he MORE
Crucible leader inspires through motivation July 19, 2002 — The lore of the Corps is bigger than any one person could ever be, and anyone who has served even one day has a unique story to tell. Many of these stories focus on the one common denominator of all enlisted Marines - recruit training. For many Marines who graduated from Parris Island since 1999, one figure stands out and reaps the same ghost-story MORE
Depot duo showcase skills in hopes of making All-Marine July 19, 2002 — For two Depot Marines, the opportunity to represent their country and earn the title of U.S. Marine has already been realized. While they rest among an organization that considers itself elite, the opportunity for the two of them to go above and beyond and distinguish themselves among other Marines is at hand. Monday marked the start of the MORE
Depot Marine dominates H&S Bn. boards July 3, 2002 — Your forehead and palms are covered in sweat. You are surrounded by Marines, but conversation is non-existent. Your entire body seems stiff, and your uniform is starched to the point of being uncomfortable. You're 10 minutes away from a brief examination by five sets of eyes that could mean the difference between advancing your career and remaining MORE
3rd RTBn. 1stSgt. reunited with former recruit on the drill field July 3, 2002 — Every recruit has that one drill instructor that they emulate, even above all the others. For Sgt. Jonathan Wrigley, it was "Drill Instructor Sgt. Stoll." "I told myself when I graduated from Recruit Training that I would earn the rank of sergeant and become a drill instructor, and I would be like him as much as possible," said Wrigley. The "him" MORE
Aiken Festival showcases Depot Band July 3, 2002 — The Depot Band traveled to Aiken, S.C., to take part in the Hopeland Gardens Summer Concert Series to kick off the city's 4th of July festivities Tuesday. The evening performance in Aiken marks the 30th consecutive year the Parris Island Marine Band has made the trip, dating back to the concert series' conception in 1972, said Cathie Lindler, MORE

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