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May, 2002

Marine rescues woman, baby May 24, 2002 — Murphy's Law of Combat #4 -- You are not Superman. Marines in combat know that attempting superhuman acts of heroism will most likely get them killed, but one Depot Marine found out that combat isn't the only dangerous place. While driving down Country Shed Road in Beaufort, S.C., April 25, LCpl. Joseph Carman, Headquarters and Service Battalion MORE
Master sergeant, hypnotist casts spell over Parris Island May 24, 2002 — The Marine looked at the three bodies lying on the deck. He thought he was okay to drive but now the three other Marines with him were motionless. A master sergeant in a suit and tie walked up to the stunned driver. ?What are you going to tell their parents?? asked the master sergeant. The Marine driving was speechless. Fortunately, it was all in MORE
EMS week accents employee sacrifice May 24, 2002 — Each year, the nation takes a week out of its busy schedule to honor the dedication, hard work and sacrifice of those individuals working in the fields of the emergency medical services. This year is no different. National EMS week was appropriately named "Help is a Heartbeat Away." This year, the week-long tribute focused on the individuals MORE
H&S enjoys night of tradition May 10, 2002 — More than 410 Marines of Headquarters and Service Battalion attended their First Annual Battalion Mess Night April 17. Mess Nights are held to promote camaraderie and esprit de corps within a unit. While in presentation the Mess Night is an extremely formal affair, Marines have found ways of turning the stuffy into the entertaining. Fines and grog, MORE
Graduating Marine boasts pre-existing Warrior spirit May 10, 2002 — The Marine Corps prides itself on its "Band of Brothers" philosophy, believing no matter the circumstances, each and every Marine should be willing to put forth the ultimate sacrifice for a fellow Marine. Recruits get their first taste of this mentality within moments of arriving aboard the Depot as they realize the only way to make it through MORE
Chosin Few reunite aboard Depot May 10, 2002 — The year is late 1950, and artillery shells are bombarding the area of North Korea known today as the Chosin Reservoir. Approximately 10,000 Marines from the 1st Marine Division are surrounded by approximately 200,000 Chinese troops making up eight different divisions. Battling frostbite, hunger and imminent danger, ammunition begins to run low MORE
Marine feels need for speed May 7, 2002 — Growing up, many children idolize superheroes that mask themselves as everyday citizens, only to unveil themselves to accomplish extraordinary feats. Many of these superheroes hide behind a sort of alter ego persona that is so completely opposite of their superhero identity as to not draw attention to themselves. Mild mannered newspaper reporter MORE
H&S Bn. begins burial detail duties May 3, 2002 — Headquarters and Service Bn. will provide burial services for fallen servicemen in the local area for the next four months. Headquarters Co., which just took over for Weapons and Field Training Bn. Wednesday, will serve during the months of May and July, and Service Co. will serve during the months of June and August. The burial detail consists MORE

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