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Remembering the Sands of Iwo Jima February 28, 2006 — In the spring of 1944, the United States was flexing its unstoppable military might during the island-hopping campaigns of the Pacific theater as thousands of young, seemingly fearless men committed themselves to the cause. William J. Bryan was one of these men. Now a volunteer with the Parris Island Museum, Bryan can be found there two days a week MORE
Athletes, Depot gear up for 18th annual Parris Island triathlon February 28, 2006 — The Depot is scheduled to hold its 7th annual Marine Corps Community Services-South Carolina Parris Island Triathlon March 18 at 9 a.m., starting at the Combat Pool. The multi-event race, which is the first of 11 in a series of yearly triathlons that make up the Palmetto State Triathlon Series, will feature three events: a 500-meter swim, a 12-mile MORE
DI awarded Navy Cross for actions in Afghanistan February 24, 2006 — Most people cannot remember what they were doing the day of June 3, 2004, but for Staff Sgt. Anthony Viggiani, the past is as clear as the present. Viggiani, a 3rd Recruit Training Battalion drill instructor, was awarded the Navy Cross February 24 for his actions in Afghanistan on June 3, 2004. Marines from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit MORE
We don't promise you a rose garden February 21, 2006 — The menacing look on the drill instructor's face says it all. The salty DI glares up at a new recruit at receiving - the muscles in his face so tight the veins are popping out of his neck - in order to give the recruit a bit of what he calls "attitude readjustment" on his first day in recruit training. The Marine in the infamous "We don't promise MORE
Firefighter turned dentist restores vintage rescue vehicles February 19, 2006 — Commander J.G. VanDermark, officer-in-charge of Branch Health Clinic-Dental, is anything but the typical dentist. He appreciates a well-worn, vintage emergency vehicle as much as other dentists appreciate a good set of bicuspids. VanDermark has been involved in restoring aged and broken-down ambulances for the past two years. It all started when MORE
Beware of predatory lending practices February 14, 2006 — The old adage is: If is looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Predatory lending, unfair lending practices that do more harm than good to borrowers' financial situations, has plagued societies in both the past and the present. Predatory lending tactics can include high fees, penalties for paying off a debt early and MORE
Women Marines celebrate 63 years in Corps February 13, 2006 — February 13 marked the 63rd anniversary of women's continuous service to the Marine Corps. On Aug. 12, 1918, Opha Mae Johnson was the first of 305 women to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve to fill clerical duties at Headquarters Marine Corps, so battle-ready male Marines could go off to fight in France, while other women filled jobs at recruiting MORE
Scholarship to send military children to NASA Space Camp February 9, 2006 — The Military Child Education Coalition is offering military children a memorial scholarship to a NASA Space Camp. The scholarship was created in memory of Bernard Curtis Brown Jr., the 11-year-old son of Chief Petty Officer Bernard Curtis Brown Sr., who was on his way to represent his school at a National Geographic event when his plane was MORE
Living History Detachment brings history to life February 6, 2006 — The Living History Detachment is looking for new members to carry on the proud history of the Marine Corps. About once a month, members of the detachment dress up in World War II-style Marine Corps uniforms, set up a display tent complete with period-correct weaponry and equipment and give classes to recruits outside the Parris Island Museum. MORE
125-year-old lighthouse receives facelift February 3, 2006 — The year is 1881, and a lighthouse keeper by the name of Martin Leavy has the task of keeping the front and rear beacon lighthouses lit at night so passing ships can navigate their way through the waters near Parris Island into Port Royal Sound. Each night, he walks almost a mile away along a plank walkway to the rear beacon where he hoists a MORE

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