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Archive: January 2009

Parris Island recruits learn military bearing January 23, 2009 — Throughout recruit training, future Marines undergo various tests in order to walk across the parade deck on graduation day.  However, after the Crucible event, new Marines must complete their final obstacle, the battalion commander’s inspection.A number of tasks need to be completed to prepare for the inspection.The new Marines clean their MORE
Parris Island ASP Marines keep ranges hot January 13, 2009 — Beans, bullets and bandages.  These three things form the foundation of Service Company, and Marines at the Ammunition Supply Point are the ones in charge of supplying the fun stuff — bullets.Ammunition technicians work at the ASP, a 133-acre area of Page Field, assuring all the Depot’s ammunition is accounted for, safely secured and properly MORE
Recruits learn to duck, weave January 9, 2009 — During Event 2 of the Crucible, inside the arena dubbed “The Octagon” by drill instructors, recruits get one final chance to prove their mettle in hand-to- hand combat. Inside the giant wooden frame, reminiscent of gladiator pits of ancient Rome, future Marines square off against each other with simulated rifle bayonets in preparation for the MORE
Parris Island set to hold 2009 shooting competition January 8, 2009 — Marines of all ages, ranks and backgrounds have the chance to represent their unit, the Depot and even the Marine Corps in a shooting competition. The Marine Corps intramural rifle and pistol competition is an annual event held at Weapons and Field Training Battalion, Jan. 7 to Jan. 27.  “The opening shot ceremony and welcome aboard ceremony will MORE
Sodexo serves up jobs across Marine Corps January 8, 2009 — Military friendly employers are out there if people know where to look. Even during this economic downturn, those employers are still hiring veterans.Sodexo, a food service company, earned its third recognition from the military as one of the top 50 military friendly employers for veterans and their families. “I feel that Sodexo offers great MORE

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