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January, 2003

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Chosin Range renovation begins January 24, 2003 — New berms, a new sound shed and sound system, and new firing points are just some of the projects in the works for WFTBn.'s Chosin Range. "They're tearing up everything to make the range better. Contractors are putting in new heads, adding grass on the firing lines, repaving all of the roads -basically when they're finished it will be an entirely MORE
LASIK, PRK now offered to active duty service members January 24, 2003 — The Department of the Navy began a study 10 years ago with  a - then experimental - eye surgery to correct refractive error. The experimental program employed SEAL team members who were dependent on glasses and thus, less operationally sound. By 1995, the procedures, Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy, better MORE
Hagee takes helm of Corps January 24, 2003 — General James L. Jones stepped down from command of the Marine Corps Jan. 13, handing the reins to Gen. Michael Hagee during a ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy. General Jones stepped down 6 months before the end of his first term as commandant to become the commander, U.S. European Command and NATO's supreme allied commander Europe later this MORE
America struggles to live as Dr. King envisioned January 24, 2003 — January 15 would have been the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 74th birthday. Monday marked the 20th anniversary of celebrating National Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America. The legislation for the holiday did not pass until 1983 during President Ronald Reagan's administration, some 15 years after King's assassination. Therefore, it has MORE
Depot Rifle/Pistol Team fires their way into first January 24, 2003 — The Depot Rifle/Pistol Team swept away the competition as they took all the awards in every category at the Gateway Gun Club Pistol Match on Jan. 18-19, in Jacksonville, Fla. "This match was a gauge to let the team know where they stand as far as Marine Corps matches. Now we know - this team right here is going to nationals," said Cpl. James Ruiz, MORE
Scholarships available for federal, postal employees January 24, 2003 — Applications for this year's Federal Employee Education and Assistance College Scholarship Program are available. The 17-year-old non-profit organization helps federal employees and their families in need, and provides annual scholarships to help federal employees or their dependents pay for college tuition. "The program has awarded more than $3 MORE
Celebrate National Soup Month with a Lowcountry favorite January 24, 2003 — Thanks to the countless numbers of Americans who eat, slurp and ladle more soup in January than any other month, January has been named National Soup Month. The history of soup can be dated as far back as 6,000 B.C. when hippopotamus was the ingredient of choice for soup. In the 1800s, President Abraham Lincoln served turtle soup to his guests and MORE
Depot warns against off-road vehicle traffic January 17, 2003 — The Depot issued a reminder Jan. 9 to all four-wheel drive owners to keep their wheels on the pavement. Depot Order 5090.2 states that no all-terrain vehicles are authorized on base and no off-road capable vehicles are permitted off paved or graveled roadways aboard the Depot. "There have been incidents in the past where people have driven through MORE
Former Flying Tiger soars at grandson's graduation January 17, 2003 — White hair gleamed from beneath a sky blue cover and the sparkle of medals were not dimmed by their antiquity for Maj. Gen. Fred Chiao, a former pilot with the famed Flying Tigers of the Chinese Air Force, as he sat in the reviewing stands awaiting the graduation of his grandson Jan. 3. For the Chiaos, the enlistment of Fred's grandson, PFC Kevin MORE
Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps turns 220 January 17, 2003 — In late December 1816, a group of Marines traveling by ship up the Potomac River to Washington were set back when their vessel was halted by ice. They were forced to disembark and march to the town of Dumfries through Quantico, Va., which was then a quiet woodland area. A fellow Marine visiting his family nearby rescued them from the frozen woods. MORE

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