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Depot armorer helps nab trophies for rifle, pistol team

By Lance Cpl. Darhonda V. Hall | | May 20, 2005

MCRD/ERR PARRIS ISLAND, SC -- When the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol team brought home the first place trophies during the rifle and pistol matches at the Marine Corps Eastern Division Championship at MCB Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 4-6, he was there. When they snatched up the Marine Corps Combat Infantry Trophy Team Match April 29, he was there too.

Sgt. Adam Huie was not firing the weapons … he was making sure that the weapons fired correctly.

Huie, the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team armorer, was appointed this duty in December 2004 when he checked onto Parris Island.

Huie grew up in the small town of Oneonta, Ala., and has been in the Marine Corps for nine years due to the motivation of his grandfather.

“My grandfather was enlisted [in the Marine Corps] and he said it was the best thing he ever did, so I followed in his footsteps,” said Huie.

Following in his grandfather’s footprints lead him to create his own unique path in the Marine Corps.

Huie originally enlisted in the Marine Corps as a small arms repairman and was stationed aboard MCAS Beaufort. He then permanently changed duty stations to Quantico, Va., where he changed his military occupational specialty to a precision weapons repairman, a job field only about 30 Marines possess.

“Those thirty Marines were highly recommended to attend the school to become a precision weapons repairman,” explained Master Sgt. Sheldon Bolds, Depot Armory staff non-commissioned officer in charge. “Huie is very meticulous and does everything in grave detail.”

Though Huie didn’t have any experience with weapons prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps, he has excelled at his chosen occupation.

Bolds said Huie works as if he has been working in an armory his whole life.
“He does his job extremely well,” Bolds said. “His completion of the precision weapons repairman class basically puts him at the level where he can create an operational weapon from scratch.”

Huie’s unique job in the Marine Corps supports all units across the Depot with weapons and weapons maintenance.

“Anytime I need for something to get done,” said Bolds, “Huie is right there and does not find an excuse to not be there.”

Huie’s mission aboard the Depot is to help support each Marine’s individual efforts to be a marksman, support recruit training and primarily support the Rifle and Pistol team.

“I enjoy the Marines I work with and the support we give,” Huie said. “My future plans are to stay in the Marine Corps and provide all the support I can to all our troops overseas.”

Bolds acknowledged Huie’s selflessness as a trait that sets him aside from other Marines. Huie conducts most of the weapon inspections and training for the Marines, and also makes sure the Marines are current on training and posting Marine Corps Institute tests.

“[Huie] puts himself last and the troops first in a lot of what he does,” Bolds said. “All of the junior Marines looks up to him.”

Motivated and dedicated, Huie said he has set goals for himself to achieve while in the Marine Corps.

“My goals are to keep doing everything I can,” Huie said.

As most Marines maintain their self-motivation in several different ways, Huie maintains his by remembering certain words of wisdom,“Stay true to what you believe and good will come to you at all times.”

“I admire everyone who stays true to the Corps,” he said, “ and if I could change something in the Marine Corps, I wouldn’t change anything at all.”

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