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3rd RT Bn. Claims CG Cup Basketball title

By Lance Cpl. Crystal Druery | | September 28, 2011

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Third Recruit Training Battalion clinched the Commanding General’s Cup Intramural Basketball League Championship after dominating Finance 56-30 Sept. 28 at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Fieldhouse.

During an intense morning of playoff games, Finance pummeled Maritime Safety and Security Team to make it to the championships while 3rd RT Bn. advanced due to forfeiture by 12th Marine Corps District.

Finishing the regular season with a 9-1 record, 3rd RT Bn. upheld their reputation of thrashing their opponent and maintaining a steady lead throughout the game.

“Last game we played against Finance we didn’t do as well as normal,” said Gunnery Sgt. Ramon Mason, drill instructor, 3rd RT Bn. “We wanted to come back and show them what we had.”

Only a few seconds into the game, 3rd RT Bn. made their first field goal, and kept pushing Finance farther behind them.

Though Finance fought hard to get ahead, 3rd RT Bn. already had an 14-point lead by halftime.

Finance prided themselves on their defense throughout the season but found themselves unable to thwart 3rd RT Bn.’s offense. Mason took advantage of the holes in Finance’s strategy by making numerous 3-pointers.

“Our game is basically run on our defense but this game we were gassed,” said Cpl. Dominique Jackson, Finance’s coach.

Before heading into the second half of the game, Jackson, financial clerk, Service Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion, encouraged his team and discussed strategies they would employ.

After gaining motivation, Finance seemed to pick up steam and stole the ball from 3rd RT Bn.’s grasp at the start of the second quarter. Still they did not succeed getting the ball back down the court.

Throughout the game, Finance held on to hope, capitalizing on 3rd RT Bn.’s 15 fouls. However, 3rd RT Bn. turned around after each foul, making continuous shots, making their lead even more vast. Fighting for the ball with only two minutes remaining Finance stole the ball making their final goal of the game, but it wasn’t enough.

After a hard-fought game, Finance didn’t have what it took to beat 3rd RT Bn.

“We definitely pushed ourselves each game, that’s how we got here,” said Jackson.

Capt. Stephen G. Page, 3rd RT Bn. coach, attributed his team’s success to their experience, with all members having previously played basketball and knowing the fundamentals.

Since they had so many players, they were able to rotate and keep their players fresh.

“We were pretty confident coming into the game,” said Page. “We basically have a full squad, so we can run the players as if we had two teams.”

With many of the players coming back next year 3rd RT Bn. looks forward to another outstanding season.

“We plan to come back and win again next year,” said Mason.

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