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Company G recruits learn Marine Corps history

By Lance Cpl. Crystal J. Druery | | May 11, 2012

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT, San Diego -- Company G received an overview of Marine Corps history May 11 aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, learning about Marine involvement in the Vietnam and Korean War eras.

“It’s important for them to know where the Marine Corps has been and where the traditions we uphold come from,” said Sgt. Daniel Downing, senior drill instructor, Platoon 2155, Co. G, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion.

Staff Sgt. Valentin Monroy, Academics Instructor Platoon, Support Battalion, instructed the recruits on different combat gear and knowledge the Marine Corps gained from being in various battles and wars.

“We were taught a lot of important knowledge about what we’re getting into by becoming Marines,” said Recruit Brandon Wolf, Plt. 2155, Co. G, 2nd RTBn. “It’s good that we know where the important developments come from in the Marine Corps.”

Co. G was given various examples of how the Marine Corps has adapted and overcame various situations. Each war and battle the Marines enter has different terrain, requiring them to be prepared for all environments. This allows them to complete the mission regardless of climate or terrain.

“Recruits need to know the significant events that took place because people said the Marines couldn’t win the wars but that’s what Marines do, win the wars,” said Monroy.

By learning about the Marines that came before them, recruits are able to put a name and face to the legacy and understand the traditions they are expected to uphold.

Throughout the 12 weeks recruits are aboard the depot, they are constantly learning new Marine Corps knowledge. The drill instructors make sure the recruits go over knowledge during any free time they might have.

“Even if the recruits are just standing in line to get chow, we make sure to repeat knowledge with them,” said Downing. “The repetition is what helps them remember.”

While recruit training consist of a lot of physical training it also requires recruits to obtain knowledge. They have multiple knowledge test they must pass to become Marines. Part of Marine Corps tradition is for Marines to know and understand where they came from.

“Without traditions we might not know how to conduct ourselves coming into the Marine Corps,” said Wolf. “This part of our training is as important as the rest.”

In week 10, recruits will take their final practical exam. This exam covers everything they have learned throughout recruit training from history to first aid.

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