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Training and Education Command

United States Marine Corps

Quantico, VA
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Police officer endures recruit training to be more efficient May 11, 2012 — Ambition is the desire that drives one to achieve the goals they have set. It makes every step toward completing that goal worthwhile, no matter how long it takes. Pfc. Steven Sieker, Platoon 1031, Company B, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, had no problem achieving his goal to become a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, but MORE
Recruits build physical fitness, endurance May 10, 2012 — Recruits of Company A 1st Recruit Training Battalion, closed out their third week of training with an ability group run and stations aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego May 10. Ability group runs help recruits build and maintain the strength and endurance they will need to successfully complete recruit training. “It’s used more for MORE
Co. E recruits test their physical abilities May 07, 2012 — A recruit’s physical endurance and development is important throughout recruit training. Each recruit is tested near the end of recruit training through a Physical Fitness Test, which is a test designed to measure a Marine’s physical strength, agility, and endurance. Before the final PFT, recruits see where they stand physically through an MORE
Senior drill instructors' mentorship critical in transformation process May 03, 2012 — The vigorous training cycle that recruits endure while aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego can be repetitive and tiring. This can make it easy for recruits to lose sight of their goals and the reason they enlisted in the Marine Corps. "Recruits can forget why they came here," said Staff Sgt. Zachary Curran, senior drill instructor, Platoon MORE
Yellow footprints: The initial step into recruit training May 03, 2012 — Every step recruits take during recruit training brings them closer to earning the title of United States Marine, but one of the first steps they take is upon the infamous yellow footprints at Receiving Company aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. “This is just a stepping stone into recruit training,” said Sgt. Cory Marcus, senior drill MORE
Recruit learns meaning of responsibility May 03, 2012 — Among the many qualities instilled throughout recruit training, self-reliance and responsibility are stressed from the very beginning. Responsibility is one step toward becoming a man and is a trait of being morally and mentally accountable, a characteristic that every Marine must have. PFC Brandon Espinosa, Platoon 3255, Company L, 3rd Recruit MORE
Co. A recruits attack the obstacle course May 03, 2012 — As hands grab onto a log, a sweaty body in Marine pattern desert utilities follows, bringing the recruit over the log and combat boots into the dirt. Company A crushed the obstacle course aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego early May 3, multiple times. This course consists of numerous physically challenging obstacles that at first glance MORE
Co. B gains knowledge on IED Lane patrol May 01, 2012 — A combat boot steps on a metal plate causing a large explosion of white smoke that fills the air. Recruits hit the deck and secure the perimeter while carrying fellow recruits that were hit with the white smoke to safety. Recruits take on this course during the Crucible, a 54-hour test while sleep and food deprived, and they must overcome numerous MORE
Co. H swims through training week four April 30, 2012 — Heads surface for air through the blue viciously moving water as recruits attempt to make it through 25 meters of shallow water in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Swim Tank April 30. Company H began week four with Combat Water Survival. They must pass swim qualifications to move on to the next week of recruit training. “It’s not as common MORE
Recruits prepare to reach new heights April 23, 2012 — When recruits step on the yellow foot prints, they’re not sure of what challenges they’ll face. Recruit training requires them to overcome various mental and physical obstacles with fellow comrades. Week three aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Company H recruits took on low obstacles during the Confidence Course April 23. This course can MORE

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