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August, 2003

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Depot taxi service in business, shuttles personnel to NHB, Depot destinations August 8, 2003 — Depot Motor Transport reinstated its Depot taxi service in March. According to Depot Order P11240.3J, the taxi service has always been a part of Motor Transport's workload, but due to lack of operators to man the service, it was involuntarily discontinued. The taxi service is dependent on driver availability. Since the service hasn't been operable, MORE
DI starts kickboxing craze, offers new class that packs a punch August 1, 2003 — Staff Sgt. Nicole C. Baxter turned a dislike of running and a love of aerobics into an aerobic kickboxing class that is the newest way for Depot personnel and their families to get in shape. "I'm not a big fan of running, but I needed a way to keep up with cardiovascular endurance," said Baxter, a 4th Recruit Training Bn. drill instructor who is MORE
Technology helps Postal Marines work smarter, not harder August 1, 2003 — Advancements in technology play an important role in the everyday tasks in the Marine Corps and they allow Marines to do their jobs in a more efficient and professional manner. While identifying and implementing these advancements may take time and manpower, the overall benefits allow Marines to work smarter, not harder. Staff Sgt. Javier Calle, MORE
Motor T essential to daily operations at Parris Island August 1, 2003 — From transporting recruits to pulling vehicles out of ditches, Depot Motor Transport plays a vital role in depot operations. Motor T provides all the logistical support for the Depot by maintaining, managing and tracking more than 400 vehicles, including vans, buses, cars, tractor-trailers and even golf carts. Each day, requests for vehicles pour MORE
Faith, fun collide at Depot Vacation Bible School August 1, 2003 — The Depot Religious Ministries Center held its annual Vacation Bible School program for Tri-Command children at the RMC July 12-18. The program afforded children, ages 6-16, the opportunity to learn valuable spiritual information while having fun with their peers through program activities. "Vacation Bible School functions in a dual capacity," said MORE

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