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September, 2004

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Depot firefighter wins Civilian Firefighter of the Year September 3, 2004 — Battling fires and taking control during a blazing inferno is only part of what makes a firefighter who can be deemed Firefighter of the Year. Captain Dwight Charleston, a Parris Island Fire Department engine captain, is not one to sit aside and watch things happen. Instead, he jumps into the fire and takes control. These are reasons why he was MORE
Series commander returns 'home' to where it all began September 3, 2004 — Thousands of recruits pass through the squad bays of Parris Island each year, and once they receive the coveted Eagle, Globe and Anchor, most leave and never look back. Some vow to never return to the island where they endured three months of mental and physical anguish to earn the title of Marine. But for some, the tie to the Depot is intenseley MORE
Depot firefighters undergo training to retrieve downed firefighters September 3, 2004 — More firefighters die in residential dwellings than in any other type of fire, and this is not surprising given this type of fire is the most common. Playing off of an incident in Philadelphia in which two firefighters died while fighting a residential fire, Capt. Dwight Charleston, a Parris Island Fire Department engine captain, kicked off a MORE
1st Young Marines class graduates 'boot camp' September 3, 2004 — After 12 demanding weeks of Marine Corps "Boot Camp," dozens of anxious youngsters from Class 1-04 crossed the stage to graduate as Parris Island's first class of Young Marines at the Depot Saturday. Approximately 39 members, ranging from ages 8 - 17, walked across the stage with their brand-new, freshly-pressed uniforms to receive a certificate MORE

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