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Marine Sgt. Maj. Wesley Turner 2nd Marine Logistics Group sergeant major, speaks to permanent party Marines here at an open discussion Wednesday in Specker Chapel.

Photo by Melissa Buckley

Marine Corps’ 2nd MLG command group visits Fort Leonard Wood to observe training

30 Aug 2023 | Melissa Buckley, Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Training Command

The 2nd Marine Logistics Group command team got a first-hand look at the training Marines receive at the Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood while touring the post Wednesday.

“Approximately one of every seven Marines that receive entry level training are training at Fort Leonard Wood. The Marine Corps mission cannot be achieved without personnel that make up the military occupational specialties of the Marines that are trained at Fort Leonard Wood,” said Marine Col. Scottie Redden, Fort Leonard Wood Marine Corps Detachment commander.

After completing basic recruit and combat training, Marines report to their MOS schools. Fort Leonard Wood is home to four Marine MOS schools: Engineer Equipment Instruction Company, Military Police Instruction Company, Motor Transportation Instruction Company and Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Defense Instruction Company. Fort Leonard Wood is also home to the Marine Corps’ Interservice Nonlethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course.

“It is important to showcase detachment schoolhouses, so that Marine Corps leaders are aware of the amazing things that the team here does, the importance of the capabilities here and to maintain a connection with the institution,” Redden said.

Here from the 2nd MLG, based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, were Marine Brig. Gen. Michael McWilliams, 2nd MLG commanding general; Marine Sgt. Maj. Wesley Turner, 2nd MLG sergeant major; and Navy Master Chief John Beck, 2nd MLG command master chief.

Redden said the 2nd MLG command group visit had a couple of purposes.

“It is important that the Marines and students are visited by Marine Corps senior leaders, so they know that what they do here is important and impactful. It is also important that Marine Corps senior leadership are exposed to and informed about what the Marines do here to provide perspective for decision making,” Redden said. “I hope this experience informs future resourcing designs and generates interest in ensuring this location receives sufficient support to continue to produce high quality and effectively trained Marines.”

According to their unit website, the 2nd MLG provides tactical logistic support to the Marine Expeditionary Force and Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations.

“Many of the Marines that attend training here are assigned to the 2nd MLG upon graduation and our instructors and staff assist 2nd MLG units with training when needed,” Redden said.

At an open discussion attended by permanent party Marines of the detachment, McWilliams thanked them for, “developing and producing Marines that go to the fleet and operate.”

“Thank you for what you are doing here at Fort Leonard Wood for the Marine Corps. We have an expectation for quality of training, and you are meeting and exceeding that every single day,” McWilliams said. “We recognize the grind you go through every single day to produce the quality of Marines you are pushing out of here and we thank you.”

Turner said he was a student here, “back in the day for Motor Transport Operator Course.”

He said he was impressed with the training the Marine Corps Detachment is conducting now.

“It is great to see the technology you are using — we are adapting,” Turner said.

McWilliams said while touring the schoolhouses, he saw instructors with “incredible talent,” and moving forward, he wants to ensure the detachment continues to receive, “the best talent possible.”

“We are going to talk about the importance of what you do here and make sure our best people know this is an option for them when it is their turn to (make a permanent change of station),” McWilliams said.

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