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Advanced Small Arms Lethality Trainer (ASALT) provides advanced marksmanship and tactics training enhancing the human sensory decision making through various scenarios and reaction time drills.  The ASALT is capable of producing cognitive overload training, human performance training, shoot/no shoot drills, and escalation of force drills.

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Marines train with the ASALT from operational units within the Fleet Marine Force and Marine Forces Reserve in order to shoot quicker and more accurately when engaging threats.

From individual through collective training can be conducted with the ASALT.  Reactionary and problem solving shooting as well as quick fire training can be trained.

Provides basic marksmanship, range engagements out to 600 meters, shooting on the move, team tactics, close quarter battle, overloading the nervous system, quick twitch training, and economy of motion.

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Tentatively 5 Systems

To see the list of T&R Events that can be accomplished utilizing the ASALT, click the below link:

ASALT T&R Events
Advanced Small Arms Lethal Training
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