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Combat Convoy Simulators (CCS's): (Two 6,000 sq ft Facilities) CCS provides an immersive environment for convoy operations training for command and control procedures for vehicle and convoy commanders in tactical scenarios related to Combat Convoy Ops; incorporating IED countermeasures, EOD support, call for fire, close air support and medevac. Terrain databases includes Baghdad, Fallujah Tikrit, Fort Irwin, and Afghanistan. The Afghanistan database has three different versions (Dry, Cold, and Wet). Ory has no bodies of water. Cold has snow on the ground and vehicles will skid as well as impassible roads. Wet has bodies of water that are with passable and impassable. CCS also provides individual team building procedures for driver, gunner and passengers including but not limited to weapon use for target engagement and driver evasive action. Each CCS has a 4 HMMWV's and 2 MTVR's each vehicle has a tethered .50 HMG or M240G on a turret mount, and · bluefire" (non-tethered) simulated M-4's and A-4's for drivers and passengers. All weapons interface with scenarios like ISMT weapons. The two CCS's can be used separately for six vehicle convoys, or linked together for up to twelve vehicle convoy.

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The CCS is standalone (closed) immersive simulator-based virtual training environment whose primary purpose is to train convoy operation, basic Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for the driver. the gunner, and convoy passengers in tactical scenarios related to combat operations.

  • Allows for training repetition, review, and critique.

  • Saves time and live training resources

  • Scenarios are based on individual and collective training T&R tasks

  • Trains Marines in basic and advanced combat convoy skills using in a variety of operational environments.

  • Provides customizable scenarios in an environment for small arms and crew served weapons engagements, IAW the Rules of Engagement (ROE). C2. and evolving tactics in Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) environments, which cannot be otherwise simulated.

  • Meets immediate requirements to train Marines in basic and advanced skills during convoy operations.

  • Provides tailored training in convoy and formation driving, resupply. patrol, logistics support, high value target extraction, and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC).

  • Provides training small-unit personnel, vehicle operators. and convoy commanders on immediate action execution in a combat environment, while incorporating USMC

  • Allows Instructor/Operators to customize training scenarios, change terrain and change simulated weather conditions

  • Ability to rehearse convoy training, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in TTPs against adaptive enemies and changing conditions.

  • Ability to train call for fire (CFF), counter-IED drills, mounted patrols, logistics support, high target extractions, casualty evacuation. and rules of engagement (ROE).

  • Ability to he operated separately or when linked together for larger convoy exercises.

  • Camp Pendleton, CA

  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC

  • MCAGCC 29 Palms. CA

  • Marine Corps Base Hawaii, HI,

  • Camp Hansen, Okinawa, JPN

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