Enterprise Ground Maintenance Training Systems


Enterprise Ground Maintenance Training Simulator (EGMTS)


The Enterprise Ground Maintenance Training Simulator (EGMTS) program is intended to modernize the state of ground maintenance training devices. The EGMTS program will accomplish this by providing a suite of common hardware and software platforms which can serve as the designated platform for developing course syllabus and related materials for schoolhouses and ground maintenance training systems. Hardware and software will utilize cutting-edge virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (XR) capabilities in conjunction with more traditional software solutions to deliver a superior learning experience across the ground maintenance training continuum.

Operational Impact:

The intent of the EGMTS program is to increase ground maintenance student proficiency, via interaction and retention of material, through increased exposure and tailored personal usage of training materials that current solutions cannot provide. Through the use of VR, AR, and XR, the student will be capable of practicing maintenance tasks and actions on virtual models of systems before encountering them in a live setting; thereby, increasing student familiarization and allowing remediation outside the classroom. Outside of a schoolhouse setting, the EGMTS system will allow Marines, who may not be experts in a particular field of maintenance, access to all available technical manuals (TMs), virtual models, and any other training material that can be accessed from the system at any time, any place.

Benefits of Training:

  • The EGMTS system will provide a deployable, distributive capability to allow Marines access to ground maintenance TMs, learning modules, training curricula, virtual models, and other content on-demand. The result will be a better trained force which yields increased equipment readiness and enhanced mission execution.

Download the Excel to see the list of T&R events that can be accomplished utilizing the EGMTS.
EGMTS - Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager : Anthony Regner

Email : anthony.regner@usmc.mil

Phone Number : (703) 432-2353

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