Leader Focused Decision Games


Leader Focused Decision Games (LFDG)


The purpose of the Leader Focused Decision Games (LFDG) is to exercise Marines’ decision-making and critical thinking skills using advanced technologies to improve warfighting proficiency across the total force. The ends are simple and straightforward: improve the critical thinking and decision-making skills of Marine leaders and aspiring leaders. The primary training audience is those who make decisions at the tactical level, but access to scenarios that enhance operational and strategic-level decision-making opportunities will remain important for leaders who operate at those levels as well. In every case, LFDG will support growth in operational and ethical decision-making, something Marines can expect to confront every day in garrison, field and deployed environments.

Operational Impact:

The LFDG program aims to provide a repository of war games, tactical decision games, and other serious games which can be utilized to exercise a Marine’s critical thinking and decision making skills. These games and scenarios will be easily accessible over a commercial network, allowing for Marines to take advantage of LFDG’s capabilities anytime and anywhere. The games will provide an automated evaluation capability which will allow Marines to iterate and refine their performance in game; for example, a game may evaluate a logistics plan against the nine pillars of logistics and provide targeted feedback on the plan’s strengths and weaknesses. By making plans over the course of multiple scenarios with different focus areas and criteria, the Marine can expand their critical thinking abilities and make better, informed decisions in the field./p>

Benefits of Training:

  • By using LFDG, the Marine will be able to rapidly make impactful decisions over the course of multiple scenarios and receive feedback on their performance. This feedback will allow the Marine to make better decisions as a leader in their field of expertise.

Download the Excel to see the list of T&R events that can be accomplished utilizing the LFDG.
Leader Focused Decision Games Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager : Anthony Regner

Email: anthony.regner@usmc.mil

Phone Number: (703) 432-2353

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