Synthetic Training Integration and Management Branch (STIMB)


Synthetic Training Integration and Management Branch (STIMB)


STIMB develops, integrates, resources, and governs synthetic training capabilities and training support services across the Total Force in order to enhance combat readiness. This includes the identification, validation, and prioritization of system requirements for the training of individual Marines, small units, ground vehicle crews, battle staffs, and the tools necessary to plan, prepare, execute and assess training events and exercises. STIMB enables live, virtual, and constructive training interoperability across all MAGTF elements and naval, joint, interagency/departmental, and multi-national environments. STIMB prepares and provides an integrated program for resourcing, in partnership with acquisition agencies, accredited simulation systems with associated data, support, management and feedback processes, and policies in order to ensure access to modern and well-maintained training solutions throughout the crawl-walk-run-sustain continuum.

MCO 3550.14


Synthetic interoperability mitigates space and range constraints by supporting large scale operations.
GTS Name Portfolio Manager Email Phone Number
Family of Egress Trainers (FET) Patrick Young (703) 432-2170
ASALT Anthony Cross (703) 432-2152
ISMT Anthony Cross (703) 432-2152
CACCTUS Anthony Regner (703) 432-2353
CCS John J. Keppeler (703) 432-2352
DVTE Fred Rott (703) 432-2155
LVC-TE Joe Lomangino 703-432-2895
Anthony Regner (703) 432-2353
SAVT Fred Rott (703) 432-2155
CVTS John J. Keppeler (703) 432-2352
MTWS Anthony Regner (703) 432-2353
LFDG Anthony Regner (703) 432-2353
EGMTS Anthony Regner (703) 432-2353

STIMB Leadership

Branch Head :
LtCol Michael Donaldson

Aaron Lang, Ph.D.

Programs and Resources Section Head:
Anthony Cross

LVC-TE Lead:
Joseph Lomangino

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