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HQBn Supply provides the following to ALL Marines of the battalion:

Personal Effects Support

Headquarters Battalion Supply provides personal effects support, storage and disposition for all supported organizations within the HQBn TECOM construct. Personnel who cannot care for their equipment and personal items are afforded the opportunity to store their effects by the HQBn Supply Section.


A personal effects inventory or waiver is required within 48 hours in the following situation:

-TAD or leave for a period of over 30 daysTemplate Personal Effects Inventory Waiver (authorized absence greater than 30 days)

-Hospitalizations or inpatient treatment expected to last 30 days or less:  Template Personal Effects Inventory Waiver (hospitalizations less than 30 days)

**Update the template forms with the required information (your name, rank, EDIPI, the hospital/treatment center, and the Medical Officer's name as required) then initial/check the boxes corresponding to your situation as shown in the below examples. Once complete, email it to us or call.


A personal effects inventory is required within 48 hours in the event of the following situations:

-Other than honorable (OTH) discharge for enlisted Marines and Sailors, prior to EAS: Enlisted Marines receiving an OTH discharge will return uniforms to the government.


-Unauthorized absences


If an inventory is required call us at 703-784-2664 or come to Room 237, Building 2006.

Miscellaneous Uniform Issues

There are instances in which enlisted Marines rate uniform issues from the Marine Corps, via the Marine Corps Exchange. These uniforms will be provided free of charge to the applicable Marines through the use of a NAVMC 604. 

These instances are as follows:

-Pregnancy: NAVMC 604B Maternity Template

-Marines departing for recruiting duty:

-Males: NAVMC 604 Recruiting (Duty Male) Template

-Females: NAVMC 604B Recruiting Duty (Female) Template

-Marines departing for I&I duty:

-Males: NAVMC 604 Inspector Instructor (Male) Template

-Females: NAVMC 604B Inspector Instructor (Female) Template

-Marines with less than six months time in service (New Joins):

-Males: NAVMC 604 New Join (Male) Template

-Females: NAVMC 604B New Join (Female) Template

-Navy personnel checking into a Marine Corps Command (New Joins):

-Males: NAVMC 604 Special Navy Issue (Male) Template

-Females: NAVMC 604 Special Navy Issue (Female) Template

-or special command directed circumstances (contact us).

In order to receive uniforms without complications the following steps must be followed:

1. Fill out the NAVMC 604 template corresponding to the circumstance (Name, Grade, date, signature, and date of entry into the service on the top of the form) .

2. Provide your completed NAVMC 604 to the Supply Section: email us or bring it down physically.

3. Once signed, the Supply Section will notify you that your NAVMC 604 is ready for pick-up.

4. Bring your completed NAVMC 604 to the Marine Corps Exchange (3500 Russell Road, Quantico, VA, 22134) and they will issue you your rated uniform items.

5. All Marines will bring the receipts back to the Supply Section. Only Marines with less than six months time in service (new joins) are required to bring their old uniforms to the HQBn Supply Section for disposal.

FLIPLs Related to Individually Issued Equipment (CIF gear)

The Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) has replaced the "Missing Gear Statement," and allows for the removal of equipment from property records and the reimbursement of lost or destroyed  equipment from individual service members to the US treasury.

A FLIPL is required in the following circumstances:

1. Individual Issue Facility equipment is destroyed or lost.

2. Items issued via a Consolidated Memorandum Receipt (CMR) or Equipment Custody Record (ECR) are destroyed or lost.

A FLIPL Consists of the below documents:

1. DD 200: A DD 200 is the document that is used to remove destroyed or lost items from your account or CMR. This form captures all information related to the destroyed or lost items. It also provides the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the loss or destruction, and the steps that will be taken to prevent recurrence.

Template: DD200 (FLIPL) Template Updated 20210625

2. NAVMC 6: A NAVMC 6 is the pay checkage form. Once checkage is assessed by the disbursing office, the dollar amount of loss will be docked from the next pay check of the individual.

Form: NAVMC 6 (FLIPL) template Updated 20210625

***A NAVMC 6 is optional if the member does not wish to voluntarily reimburse; however, it is expected that all destroyed or lost items will be repaid by the individual responsible. The CO will seek to hold individuals who do not offer to reimburse liable for destroyed or lost items. Not submitting a NAVMC 6 will greatly increase the amount of time required to adjudicate the FLIPL.

Instructions: How to fill out a DD 200 and NAVMC 6

Once your DD 200 and NAVMC 6 are complete, email them to us or bring it to us.

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