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The Marine Corps established the Community of Interest (COI) program to enhance civilian careers. The Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (DC, M&RA) is responsible for management of the COI program. COIs are aligned by civilian occupational series grouped along functional lines. Each COI has a Community Leader, routinely from the Senior Executive Service, and a Community Manager. To find out more about the Marine Corps' Community of Interest program read MCO 12410.25. To find out more about your COI and how to contact your COI Manager:

Training and Education Command is the program manager of the Education Community of Interest. Please see below for additional information on our community:


 Education Community of Interest (COI)


It is our intent to deliver relevant and value-added information and resources at your finger-tips. We are always looking for ways to improve our site; please provide your comments and recommendations via our organizational mailbox. The Marine Corps is committed to having a civilian workforce equipped with the leadership skills and technical Competencies necessary to meet all challenges, today and into the future. Through community management and career-development initiatives, Civilian Marines are able to remain a team of experts strategically integrated into the mission of the Corps.

To provide every 1700 Community member with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productive careers, and to contribute positively to the mission of the Marine Corps by enabling each of his or her constituents to fully maximize their talents, imagination, skills and character.
The purpose of training, education and self-development is to provide a competent, efficient, and effective professional workforce equipped to accomplish the mission and goals in their assigned organization and the Marine Corps. The future capacity and capability of the Marine Corps can only be assured if employees are developed to meet projected requirements.
Successful, skilled, and innovative education workforce engaged in positive, productive, and supported learning experience with high expectations for our learners and a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in our Marines, our programs, and in our resources.
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Address: 2079 Barnett Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134

 Ed COI Manager  (703) 432-1836
 COI AO / Editor  (703) 432-2563
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The Education Community of Interest publishes a quarterly newsletter called the Education COI Newsletter. It contains information about community activities, article contributions from community members as well as external contributions and other topics of interest to the members of the community. For previous editions of the Education COI Newsletters checkout our newsletter archives section. Current Newsletter button 
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